As an unconference, the FediForum agenda for each day will be made by the attendees every morning in a democratic fashion. Everybody attending is welcome to propose and run a session on a topic they consider important.

From our registration form, here’s some of what attendees are interested in:


See separate page.

Sessions on specific products, projects and services

  • Several app developers are planning to run full-length sessions on their applications after they demo’d in the speed demos.

Client Applications

  • Existing fediverse products and future plans
  • User composable clients
  • Alternatives to Mastodon
  • Multiple modes in clients, like Instagram Stories/Tiktok style
  • Web annotations
  • Incorporating sound in posts
  • Long-form writing
  • group forming
  • Ease of use
  • Single-sign on across instances


  • Better search
  • Better architected server software than Mastodon
  • Better federation: e.g. when someone comments or likes a post, federate that to all servers that can see the original post.
  • Scaling the fediverse and available services
  • Better privacy
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Simplified self-hosting

Educating People

  • Learn more about the Fediverse
  • Helping people collectively be the algorithm that makes reading Mastodon sane, productive, and fun.
  • How to find an appropriate server

Server Operation and Governance

  • How to start out with a new Fediverse server
  • How to solve daily people problems and economic sustainability
  • Changing governance
  • Moderation, trust and safety
  • Grassroots and cooperative governance

Community Operation and Governance

  • How to resolve conflicts?
  • Who decides?
  • How do we avoid that we end up with single-dictator walled gardens?
  • How do we systematically collect user feedback?
  • How to make instances more robust (not prey to the whims of admins shutting them down)

Growing the Fediverse

  • How to reach mainstream adoption.
  • Helping to spread the word and bring more people and organizations into the fediverse
  • Media coverage of the fediverse
  • Onboarding
  • Federation beyond Mastodon


  • DIY media
  • Content curation
  • What do journalists need so they can confidently adopt Mastodon?
  • How do we get it to them?
  • How to use the Fediverse to break news monopolies and end censorship and propaganda

Culture and social Change

  • Open Web and social change
  • How climate activists are currently focused on “winning the attention game” of mainstream social networks without realizing that this is part of the current climate crisis and the solutions using the Fediverse
  • How can the fediverse (continue to) be respectful, positive, and keep down the trolls?
  • How can the fediverse fully distribute equity so vulnerable communities are not disenfranchised again?


  • Making it easier to develop new and creative software apps for the fediverse
  • Developer communities around the fediverse
  • Integration with blogging, IndieWeb
  • Proof of interop
  • More open alternatives to the Mastodon C-S API

ActivityPub and Protocols

  • Fediverse protocols and improvements
  • Evolving ActivityPub to reduce infrastructure costs
  • How well do existing standards work, and what else needs to be standardized?
  • ActivityPub standardization
  • Ownership and evolution of the ActivityPub spec
  • Open-source protocol reference implementations
  • Interop, bridging to other protocols
  • Integration with blogging, IndieWeb
  • Protocol extensions and improvements, e.g update ActivitySteams to incorporate W3C Annotations as an object type
  • Empower authors to control use of their content (indexing, commercial use, etc.) by adopting a Rights Expression Language (e.g. W3C ODRL, Creative Commons)
  • Strategies for preserving ActivityStreams/ActivityPub as useful protocol specs even though Mastodon only supports a subset.
  • Enabling protocol-level experimentation and new features in a world dominated by Mastodon… etc.

Business and sustainability

  • Monetization
  • Sustainable monetization models
  • Adoption and Funding Model
  • The opportunities and limits of the volunteer / donation model?
  • What is and isn’t acceptable for companies that want to engage?
  • Keeping ads off the Fediverse

The Future

  • The Mathematical Mesh – a Fediverse PKI
  • Who is doing what, plans
  • The “next big thing” in the social web
  • What do we call this? The social web? The Fediverse? Mastodon?
  • What can we learn from the history of Usenet and other early communities?

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When you register, you’ll have an opportunity to share the topics you are interested in with us. Or post at us at @fediforum@mastodon.social.