Notes from FediForum, September 2023


All times given in pacific time.

Tuesday, September 19

Meet and Greet, Venue Orientation, 11:00am to 12:00noon.

Wednesday, September 20

8:00am Welcome and introduction — Kaliya Young
Speed demo session 1 — Johannes Ernst
WordPress ActivityPub Plugin, by Matthias Pfefferle (@pfefferle@mastodon.social)
Demoing the first official version, 1.0.0, which was released just a few days ago.
Recording coming soon.
Bonfire, by Ivan Minutillo (@bonfire@indieweb.social)
An extensible open source federated social networking toolkit, that empowers communities to easily configure their spaces from the ground up.
Recording coming soon.
Federated blogging with WriteFreely, by Matt Baer (@matt@writing.exchange)
Start a writing community or your own blog in the Fediverse with WriteFreely.
Recording coming soon.
Firefish Social, by Kainoa Kanter (@kainoa@firefish.social)
The future of scalable, feature rich, and fun social media experiences on the Fediverse.
Recording coming soon.
Collaborative agenda creation — Kaliya Young and all
9:15-10:00am Session: Server governance
Session: Social.BBC, ask BBC R&D anything (I may not answer everything :)
Session: Can we do better than shared blocklists?
Session: From Fediverse to the Pluriverse of the Future
Session: Adding semantics to social networks (i.e. Linked Data in ActivityPub)
10:15-11:00am Session: Portability of content in the Fediverse
Session: Diving more into WriteFreely and long-form content in the Fediverse
Session: Federated contact book / identity
Session: Fediseer - crowdsourced block/allow lists, information and admin coordination
11:15am-12:00noon Session: Plugin architecture / interoperability / compositing ecosystem for Fediverse communities
Session: IFTAS moderator needs assessment findings (review)
Session: How can white people and guys improve the race and gender situation in the Fediverse?
Session: Make de-centralized personal data storage the new normal
Session: Project goals, milestones, and motivation - what works/doesn't?
12:15-1:00pm Closing — Kaliya Young and all

Thursday, March 30

8:00am Welcome and introduction — Kaliya Young
Speed demo session 2 — Johannes Ernst
Micro.blog and the Fediverse, by Manton Reece (@manton@manton.org)
ActivityPub for following between platforms, and cross-posting to Mastodon or Pixelfed.
Recording coming soon.
FeedSeer, by Tom Cross (@decius@ioc.exchange)
FeedSeer shows you what articles, links, posts, and hashtags are popular in your Mastodon feed.
Recording coming soon.
Fediseer, by Konstantinos Thoukydidis (@db0@lemmy.dbzer0.com)
A FOSS service to help Fediverse instances detect and avoid suspicious instances.
Recording coming soon.
Federated event invitations with Gath.io, by Darius Kazemi (@darius@friend.camp)
Demoing how to invite people to a party with Gath.io's low-touch Fediverse integration.
Recording coming soon.
Castling.club, by Stéphan Kochen (@kosinus@hachyderm.io)
Play chess on the Fediverse. A bot implemented as an ActivityPub server.
Recording coming soon.
Flipping through feeds and lists with Flipboard, by Mike McCue @mike@flipboard.social)
Curation helps people discover the best content whether it's through AI, editors, or the community.
Recording coming soon.
Collaborative agenda creation — Kaliya Young and all
9:15-10:00am Session: Web monetization (micropayments spec) for the Social Web
Session: Physical location in Fediverse data model
Session: Elevator pitch for skeptics - Fediverse mythbusting
Session: Mastodon search & discovery in 4.2.0 and beyond (no notes)
Session: Funding Fediverse development
Session: Private groups on the Fediverse (limited access, self moderated, like Facebook private groups)
10:15-11:00am Session: IFTAS activity review: child safety; automated denylist subscription service; moderator safety
Session: Automatically opening Fediverse links in the right app, so that I can interact with it (browser or OS integration)
Session: “Visionary” revenue models for the Fediverse – and baby steps!
Session: Implications of TikTok for the Fediverse
Session: Testing the Fediverse / Fediverse test suite
Session: Fedi-safety: AI-driven real-time anti-CSAM tooling
11:15am-12:00noon Session: Reporting on Fediverse development
Session: Blocklists from a social science perspective; tension field between federation and safe spaces
Session: Linked Data content in ActivityPub (and anything else semantic)
Session: Fediverse Developer Network / developer experience
12:15-1:00pm Closing — Kaliya Young and all