Session: Fediverse Developer Network / developer experience


Convener: Johannes Ernst (@j12t@social.coop)

Participants who chose to record their names here (9 total):

  • Anca Mosoiu (@anca@mastodon.xyz)

  • Andreas Sander (@andi1984@social.saarland or @andi1984@toot.cafe)

  • Les Orchard (@lmorchard@mozilla.social)

  • @risottobias@tech.lgbt

  • Jeremiah Lee (@Jeremiah@alpaca.gold)



Who are we?

  • Developers and designers building products on top of ActivityPub

  • Startup folks

  • Community meetup organizer

  • Mozilla developer experience folks

  • Builders of new platforms

  • People developing voting systems

  • Software Engineer building things for myself to learn

  • Troublemakers

  • Open Research tool builder

  • Mastodon instance admin

  • iOS developer

  • Open Source Foundation employee

What do we want out of this?

  • Resources for developers, users

  • Ideas and tools for exploring applications

  • Advice about how to do stuff

  • Other developers to bounce ideas off of

  • Ideas for how to do this when there isn’t tons of money involved

  • Help finding other developers

  • A clear way to get started as a developer. I have an expectation that I can get Hello World working in a couple of hours

  • A central place for people to come if they want to learn about the Fediverse

Compare ActivityPub developer experience with onboarding experience in the WordPress ecosystem:

  • onboarding experience compared between Wordpress vs ActivityPub

  • meetup, we talked about design, fixed bugs, be in the same room with 100 people,

  • contributor days - maybe not hackathons but “interoperability days” or plug-a-thons



  • do-ocracy / tyrany of people who can do things or want to do them, vs stewardship of building things non-technical people want

  • funding for people to make software even if they don’t have a very large incomes / hiring marginalized stuff

  • sponsors like for walkathons - non-developers to participate granularly, code up XYZ,

Idea: Contributor days with options for sponsoring certain outcomes

  • PR department group

  • ombudsman for users

  • Open Collective

  • some name for the group

  • focus on just ActivityPub

Who wants to participate:

  • Anca

  • Jeremiah

  • Andi (although not having very much AcitivityPub knowledge) :)

  • @risottobias@tech.lgbt

Some help to build a foundation, if we can get $100K for funding

What are some nonprofits / do-good organizations who can help?

  • marketing pitch for Fediverse, not the individual software