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Next FediForum:
March 19-20,

The open, decentralized social network called the Fediverse is growing rapidly.
There are now tens of thousands of independently hosted servers; WordPress, which runs runs on almost half of the internet, officially supports it; and the largest social networking company on the planet, Meta, has started bringing 100 million new users to the Fediverse through its Threads app.

Breaking walled gardens open and connecting them into the Fediverse is the largest change to social networking ever. Its impact is already being felt all across the internet.

What decentralized social future will we build, what are the opportunities and threats, and how do we make sure it serves everybody?

FediForum is the leading event discussing the future of the Fediverse. Join us?


8am to 1pm Pacific time
on both days
(17:00 to 22:00 Central European time)

You can participate from anywhere in the world.

We are counting down to 2024-03-19T15:00:00Z starting at .

Not sure whether FediForum is for you?

Check out the session notes and demo videos from our March 2023 and September 2023 events to see what to expect. The sessions agendas you see there were created democratically each morning by FediForum participants. We will do it the same way this time. (Learn more about unconferences.)

Bring the topics you want to discuss and put them on the agenda!

Here are some topics we know about already:
  • Interoperability based on ActivityPub, and other protocols
  • Welcoming newcomers, simplified onboarding
  • Moderation tooling, trust and safety
  • What role does / should Threads play in the Fediverse?
  • Funding models for the Fediverse
  • How can more people benefit from the Fediverse without degrading what makes it great?

… and more.


Consult our FAQ or post to @fediforum@mastodon.social.