The unconference
for the people
who move
the Fediverse forward.

Next FediForum:
September 12-14,

Breaking walled gardens open and connecting them into the free, open and decentralized social network called the Fediverse is the largest change to social networking ever.

It is already changing how millions of people interact online, major organizations are changing their strategies, and we have barely started!

The FediForum online unconference brings the people together who are making it happen.
Join us?

12, 13 and 14,
(Thu, Fri and Sat)

8am to 1pm Pacific Daylight Saving Time (UTC-7)*
on all three days
(15:00-20:00 UTC)

You can participate from anywhere in the world.

NEW! We are expanding FediForum from two half-days to three half-days, with one of them on a Saturday. Attendees have told us they want more time together, and Saturday will allow some people to attend that are not able to during the work week.

Learn what FediForum is all about

Check out the session notes and demo videos from our March 2024, September 2023 and March 2023 events to see what FediForum is all about. The sessions agendas you see there were created democratically each morning, and then run by FediForum participants. (Learn more about unconferences.)

Recent press coverage

Also follow hash tag #FediForum in the Fediverse.


Consult our FAQ or post to @fediforum@mastodon.social.