FediForum March, 2024


When registering, we ask attendees what they would like to discuss at FediForum. Often, they give us permission to publish what they said with attribution. Here is some of what they said:

Interoperability of different activitypub-based software (and ideally also atproto-based).
bart decrem (@bart@moth.social):
Usability / welcoming newcomers to feed.
Rimu Atkinson (@rimu@mastodon.nzoss.nz):
PieFed, a Lemmy/Kbin alternative written in Python with an emphasis on trust & safety.
S├ębastien Rosset (@srosset@framapiaf.org):
All the FEPs are very interesting as simple ways to extend ActivityPub. I’m also naturally very interested by any subject around the interoperability between ActivityPub and Solid (as ActivityPods developer). I’m also interested about how to use ActivityPub to bring Open Badges to a social dimension (see this other project I’ve been contributing to: https://activitybadges.org)
Emelia Smith (@thisismissem@hachyderm.io):
Moderation tooling, Trust & Safety, Funding.
Friendica, moderation, AI based moderation.
Andy Piper (@andypiper@macaw.social):
Trust & safety, cooperative practices and channels for service operators, regulatory challenges.
rdf-pub is an activity-pub server implementation, that is not limited to the activity-stream vocabulary, but supports RDF per se. https://rdf-pub.org
Tom Brown (@tom@herestomwiththeweather.com):
Interoperability, usability.
Bob Wyman (@bobwyman@mastodon.social):
Rights expression languages, innovative clients, annotations.
Jaz-Michael King (@jaz@mastodon.iftas.org):
Moderator community support, trust and safety, regulatory compliance.
Josh Simmons (@josh@josh.tel):
Matrix, building up nonprofits and co-ops around community infrastructure, and federated Trust & Safety.
Dave Peck (@davepeck@davepeck.org):
Making the Fediverse accessible and more enticing to mere mortals
Don Park (@donpdonp@mastodon.xyz):
Identity re-use, especially a mastodon account to login to a lemmy server.
Jayne Samuel-Walker (@TCMuffin@toot.wales):
Instance moderation and moderation services, including CSAM, please.
Matthias Pfefferle (@pfefferle@mastodon.social):
Alternatives to content negotiation, self-hosted instances, decentralized follow (customProtocolHandler).
Nathan Schneider (@ntnsndr@social.coop):
Community governance, conflict resolution, policy and legal, financing.
Jordan Frank (@jwf@cybervillains.com):
Integrity, Safety, Governance, Content Moderation
Jamie Theophilos:
Surveillance Capitalism/ the federation of Meta.
Anca Mosoiu (@anca@social.techliminal.com):
Collaboration with other teams building things, community building.
Ben Werdmuller (@ben@werd.social):
Use by news organizations and non-profits
ActivityPub tools and libraries for developers and possibilities
Evan Henshaw-Plath (@rabble / rabble.nz / nos.ceo / @rabble@mastodon.social):
I want to do a session entitled “ActivityPub considered harmful” where we look at the ways AP has design flaws which hold back the fediverse.
Terence Eden (@edent@mastodon.social):
Location-based services.
Peter Cottle (@pcottle@threads.net):
ActivityPub, user education about fediverse.
Interoperability between protocols. Building for a conversation and connection rather than “moral outrage”
Edward Platt (@elplatt@greatjustice.net):
Moderation, governance, cooperatives.
Andre Kudra (@kudrix@mastodon.social):
Strong electronic identity i.e. identity attestation/verification for Fediverse accounts (if desired by account holder), content authenticity in the Fediverse.
Jeff Sikes (@box464@mastodon.social):
The need for Fediverse development resources and communities, a collective spot to document platform specific quirks, workarounds, and contact information when help is needed.
distributed.press and our social.distributed.press AP implementation; sutty.nl : a static site generator CMS their distributed press integration; peer to peer activitypub loading and our FEP for it