Private vs. public communities on Fediverse: features, onboarding, etc


Convener: Anca Mosoiu (@anca@allpeep.social)

Participants who chose to record their names here:

Why attend this session?

How organizations use communities, from background in customer support / developer relations etc

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

  • charities might have stuff that’s public, chat forums that are for volunteers, and then chats for just the staff (different sensitivities, need to make sure you don’t post the wrong place)
  • access control across servers
    • not just read/write access
    • but also group ACL writing access
  • tools old orgs used / google docs, nextcloud, all a bunch of tools, replacing 5 things with 1 thing that many charities can use
  • knowing people directly in private groups better than public (because of LLMs)
  • Private, semi-private spaces
  • looking for a way to share resources in a neighborhood
  • looking for a private space to share text, news, reposts, etc with only their friends. like BeReal but for more than just photos
  • NextDoor can be awful, people arguing about dog poop
  • Front porch forum: https://frontporchforum.com/ (heavily moderated – all posts must be approved)
  • have a place to try ideas out, say things without them going on your permanent record
  • https://ncase.me/trust/
  • https://Fedigroups.social/
  • https://a.gup.pe/
  • https://allpeep.social/

Some Private Community Use Cases:

  • NonProfits, businesses
  • Voting on commuity norms - more robust than polls
  • Document managment and organization (like for an intranet)
  • Neighborhood / location-based mutual support organizations
  • A private place to share things with friends / family

There was a brief discussion about voting on social / community norms

See also more notes in Bringing groups to Mastodon (private or public groups) about federated groups.