About us


We are a loose group of internet OGs who want social media to be better.

Kaliya Young is the co-founder of the Internet Identity Workshop (IIW), She’s Geeky: Connecting Women in Tech and an advocate for Self-sovereign Identity (SSI). She is the author of two books: Domains of Identity (2020) and A Comprehensive Guide to Self Sovereign Identity (2018).
Reach out to Kaliya at @identitywoman@mas.to.

Johannes Ernst is the founder of Dazzle.Town and CEO of Dazzle Labs, which builds software and governance that enables members to take back their personal data from the big internet platforms. He pioneered user-centric identity with LID and OpenID, and helped create Yadis, a predecessor of the Webfinger specfication, a key component of the fediverse. He’s been on Mastodon since 2017.
Reach out to Johannes at @j12t@social.coop.

Jennifer Holmes started producing events while working for Wired Magazine in 1996. She has produced hackathons, conferences, concerts, parties and underground art events. She is a member of Survival Research Labs and the San Francisco Cacophony Society.
Reach out to Jennifer at @Dangerangel@kolektiva.social.

You can also e-mail us at fediforum@proton.me.