About us


Johannes Ernst is the founder and CEO of Dazzle Labs Inc., which builds an open-source platform for a thriving social web of peers. He pioneered user-centric identity with LID and OpenID, and helped create Yadis, a predecessor of the Webfinger specfication, a key component of the Fediverse. He’s helping to put a Fediverse Developer Network together, and leads development of FediTest, the test suite for the Fediverse.
Reach out to Johannes at @j12t@social.coop.

Kaliya Young is the co-founder of the Internet Identity Workshop (IIW) and She’s Geeky: Connecting Women in Tech, which are both long-running unconferences. She’s an advocate for Self-sovereign Identity (SSI) and the author of two books: Domains of Identity (2020) and A┬áComprehensive Guide to Self Sovereign Identity (2018).
Reach out to Kaliya at @identitywoman@mas.to.

Jennifer Holmes started producing events while working for Wired Magazine in 1996. She has produced hackathons, conferences, concerts, parties and underground art events. She is a member of Survival Research Labs and the San Francisco Cacophony Society.
Reach out to Jennifer at @Dangerangel@kolektiva.social.

You can also e-mail us at fediforum@proton.me.