Testing the Fediverse and FediTest


Convener: Johannes Ernst (@j12t@social.coop)

Participants who chose to record their names here:

All early work in progress. Can be shown, discussed, but you probably don’t want to try and run it yourself yet.


Johannes leads project, support from a group of others. Some funding raised.

Johannes slides:

Why a test suite? Subjects to be addressed

Johannes demo:

  • Showed example test run:

    • automatically setting up WordPress + ActivityPub plugin
    • running several simple Webfinger tests against it
    • tearing WordPress + ActivityPub plugin back down
    • automatically setting up Mastodon
    • running the same Webfinger tests against it
    • tearing Mastodon back down
  • Another example test run:

    • set up Mastodon, and WordPress + ActivityPub
    • test attempt to test whether “follow” works. Current implementation lacks automation, so it falls back to asking the user to make a certain Mastodon user follow a certain WordPress user, and hit return

Discussion on tests, framework, application integration, baseline protocol implementation, manual fallback.

Q: How much integration work is needed so I can start testing my application?
A: The intent is: none. Without integration, you the tester need to certain things (“now make an instance of your app available and enter the URL where it is”, “now make @a@b follow @c@d”) and observe certain things (“Did the private message arrive? Y/N”), but the tests will run fine. If that is bothersame, you can gradually automate some of these manual activities by using your application’s API, for example.
Q: How would I integrate my application?
A: Basically, you subclass (a suitable subclass of) Node and NodeManager in the feditest framework.