I started an instance for my IRL friends and it worked. Ask me anything!


Convener: Session Convener: n00q (@n00q@don.n00q.net)

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Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

  • Was using mastodon
  • Wanted to set up an instance for my local punk scene
  • They were all on IG
  • I wanted to get people off that
  • Debated between Mastodon, Pixelfed, Hometown
  • Pixelfed is like IG
  • Hometown is a local only option
  • Problem with Pixelfed - doesn’t have mobile apps - for my friends they need an app on their phone. Needs to be a native nice app
  • If pixelfed releases apps - I’ll try it.
  • They are in beta for Android - need to show people how to sideload
  • Settled on Hometown - thought the local only posting was good
  • Eugen said it’s not what he wants for Mastodon
  • It works well and I set it up
  • It was hard at first
  • There was an outage of IG that happened soon after
  • Hey you can check out the new thing
  • People join - use it once and then leave - we’ve seen a slow cumulative increase
  • Every time I think it’s not working - there’s a jump in users
  • 30 active users who are posting once a day, about 100 users
  • It’s less active which we like
  • We flyer at shows - one side has an invite - some enticing graphics on the back explain how mastodon
  • For me personally I use tuskegee / tusky???
  • People are also exploring the fediverse - took a long time for the queer trans friends to join after I explained they were on the fediverse
  • Hometown is Glitch-soc - it’s a fork - infosec.exchange uses it
  • Hometown is Mastodon + Glitch-soc + a few other small things
  • Can break the chain on individual posts to unfederate
  • Hometown has a special emoji that makes it local only
  • Every instance of hometown has it’s own secret emoji when posted - connotes it’s a local only post
  • I’m not telling people to delete IG, you have 10 apps - give it a try.
  • Being patient - peopl come and give it a try and people slowly

Jeff - thinking of setting up a family group

  • My mom has early dementia
  • She loves social media
  • Wanted to set up a closed instance for her

Nooq - just go to mastodon - install mastodon

  • Hometown - local only posting
  • Default posting is local only
  • Can set up as an allow list federation

Jeff - installed a bonfire install

  • It has good moderation tools
  • If Mom puts something out there we have to look at it first
  • Or if someone tries to follow her - weh ave to approve first
  • She loves facebook, if we wanted to do a moderation - we’d have to say she was 13 -
  • So important for people to feel comfortable and safe - but looking for things that make it easier for us to moderate


  • Need an app that is native and really slick
  • Nooti - Nostr app that was demo’d yesterday - that was pretty slick