The Threadverse - Lemmy, Kbin, PieFed


Convener: Rimu Atkinson (@rimu@mastodon.nzoss.nz)

Participants who chose to record their names here:

Agenda / topic ideas

  • How do we collaborate on building compatible threadiverse implementations? (Julian)
  • Traversing up the topic chain to the root (and down to leaves) ; topic backfill
  • What is a topic? OrderedCollection? Page? (Angus)
  • inReplyTo issues in a forum context
  • FEP 1b12
  • Federated Single Sign-on / Nomadic identity

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

  • Potential for convening monthly re: threadiverse topics
  • Mastodon rendering non-Note types down is unfortunate
    • Making PR to Mastodon seems futile
  • Communities will be the future of the fediverse
    • Mastodon problems are same as Twitter problems

Video call, once a month, announced ahead of time, collaborative agenda/notes, formalized

  • send out agenda (google docs?) a couple days ahead of time
  • high-level items decided ahead of time (or tail end of last meeting)
  • Julian to coordinate meeting/list
  • Angus to reach out to SocialHub (nutomic and daniel klabbers from Flarum)
  • Rimu to reach out to Lemmy Matrix channel
  • First topic: How do we represent the higher level collection of Notes (posts, etc.) — Article vs. Page, etc?

Monthly(-ish) threadiverse calls SIGN-UP (emails please)

  • Emails now removed for privacy