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Convener: S├ębastien Rosset (@srosset@framapiaf.org)

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Are Pods a good idea?

  • They are the future.
  • Logical

Instances bundles identity, storage, moderation, etc. But they could be separable.

For example separating the identity: hosting your AP profile in a pod, that would be huge.

Or separating the storage.

Querying data with SPARQL.

Collective pods

How federation works with ActivityPods?

How do you index or search for data on multiple pods.

Fediverse is going to need a solution

Indexing is 2 cases:

  • posts that you’ve already seen (that part is easy)
  • search for discovering new content (users, hashtags, etc).

Currently search and hashtags are unsolved !

Solution of Bluesky: have index servers

Solid allows federated queries .. but it’s still slow

We could have multi levels of data: private data, communities data, regional data, open common data.

People could become aggregator themselves, because what they search has value!