Data migration (identity, content, etc) SocialCG task force


Convener: Dmitri Z

Note-taker(s): Andy P

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Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:


  • When migrating reactions (Likes/reposts/announces), how much of post history (and reactions to it) can be transferred? Edits to the object? Likes/reposts?
    • Edits: See “Object History Collection” FEP
    • Reactions: tricky, because the likes TO your posts.. are not yours.
    • Replies: how to maintain the discussion thread?
    • A cascade of notifications “account has moved”, “post has moved, now switch your likes”.
  • In general, how are likes verified / confirmed (potential for “forged” likes)
  • Linking object IDs https://github.com/swicg/activitypub-data-portability/issues/13
  • Should w3c charter a WG for 2.0 of AP or webfinger etc
    • it is very involved to do that… lots of things to reconcile, still under discussion - join the mailing list!