IFTAS quarterly activities update - supporting Fediverse moderators / Fediverse trust & safety


Convener: Jaz-Michael King (@jaz@mastodon.iftas.org)

Notes-taker(s): Lillian Outlaw

Participants who chose to record their names here:

Slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1kvIlKzXT-i5trgwEtdjXV4oFkbDT9j5YNpw_0o9E6dg/ (all links in slides)

IFTAS Matrix: https://matrix.to/#/#space:matrix.iftas.org

IFTAS Activity Review Q1 2024

IFTAS - Independent Federated Trust & Safety

  • Non-profit Organisation, fully funded through November 2024
  • Guided by our Moderator Needs Assessments, Advisory Board, and Moderator Advisory Council, working on services and resources to support the Moderator community
  • IFTAS is committed to fostering a safer, more inclusive open social web by empowering volunteer moderators with the tools, resources, and support necessary to navigate the complexities of digital content moderation.
  • Link to this presentation (follow along or grab the links): https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1kvIlKzXT-i5trgwEtdjXV4oFkbDT9j5YNpw_0o9E6dg

Moderator Advisory Council

  • Stipends for up to 10 active Fediverse Moderators
  • Chartered to review and comment on all IFTAS activities

Browse the Group: https://about.iftas.org/about-us/

Child Safety

  • Highest ranked need in the Moderator Needs Assessment
  • Numerous moderators have reported trauma
  • Many instances simply shut down


  • CSAM resource guide published: https://github.com/iftas-org/resources/tree/main/CSAM-CSE
  • In contact/registered with hotlines/reporting entities including NCMEC , Arachnid, INHOPE
  • Advisory and resources from End Violence Against Children, Middlesex University London
  • Post-trauma resources coming to the Connect community site

CSAM Detection

  • Building opt-in detection service - MVP in early Q3 2024
  • Hash and match from Safer platform
  • No media leaves IFTAS servers
  • No cost to small and non-profit servers


  • If you’re a software developer wanting to support FediCheck, please do reach out, and Emelia (@thisismissem@hachyderm.io) can help guide you on what APIs we need
  • Currently supports only the CARIAD lists, but software could be evolved to support other lists in the future
  • Denylist subscription app
  • Read and write domain blocks to Mastodon servers
  • Reads upstream sources, servers, CSVs, DBs…
  • Pushes updates (add/edit/remove) automatically
  • Speed Demo tomorrow!

Moderator Safety

IFTAS is funding Tall Poppy accounts

  • Digital Footprint Assessment
  • Data Broker removal
  • Account Inventory / Hardening
  • Incident Response

Apply now: https://cryptpad.fr/form/#/2/form/view/6P+--16cAT7ltdM6Q5xfnk0Rdyo41yWMVGWbiS4B1mM/

What Else?

Coming Soon

  • Micro Service DSA Guidebook - polishing and final edits, partnered with Tremau
  • CARIAD - the day one denylist for new admins - polishing and final edits
  • Labelling Service - AP and ATProto - Q2
  • Moderator Code of Conduct and Guidebook
  • SW-ISAC - The Social Web Information Sharing and Analysis Center - Q2
  • IFTAS Connect - the community portal for Fediverse moderators
  • Forums, Library, Workgroups and more
  • Join the chat or newsletter for early access!

Join Us!

Want me to run a session on anything you’ve just seen? Please ask!


If you’re federating with ActivityPub, you need to implement federation management as a day 0 feature, you need to have the ability to control what content is coming into and going out of your fediverse software. Without this, you expose your self to significant risk and create problems for others.

  • Emelia is working on a website for collaborating on documenting Moderation and Trust & Safety features as a guide for Fediverse implementors.