Session: Automatically opening Fediverse links in the right app, so that I can interact with it


Convener: narF (@narF@mstdn.ca)


  • As more and more federated services gets created, each with its own UI, it’s becoming harder to know if I can follow someone just from looking at a profile.

  • For years, walled garden taught us that we need an account to follow someone.

  • So if the website doesn’t look like a website that I know I have an account, I can’t follow them.

  • We need a way to tell people “this is a website you can follow from your Fediverse account”

  • Web browser should do that. If it detects that it’s compatible with the Fediverse, it displays a Follow button. And you can just click that button to follow. no need to copy-paste-search the username in my app. It would just open automatically.

  • Just like clicking a “mailto” link!

Firefox should totally get on that!

Maybe a browser extension?

Proposed web+fediverse/web+ap protocol handler will be useful for this