Session: Decentralized contact book / identity


Convener: @narF@mstdn.ca


Problem definition

  • https://blogue.narf.ca/2023/09/federated-contact-book/

  • Decentralized contact book (free and open source)

  • Mastodon thread: https://mstdn.ca/@narF/110956632601603108

  • Can follow a friend, regardless which server host their profile, to receive their contact info (phone number, email, home address, etc)

  • Always up to date: When someone change their infos, their server sends it to all their friends (followers).

  • Open protocol: Any app can implement it. (Should be part of all contact app!)

  • Private: Encrypted end-to-end. I can share only parts of my profile to someone if I want (ex: just my email, not my home address)

Why isn’t WebFinger used for this? (What is web finger??)

One of the problems is the user side

Flokk had a nice idea of how to solve this, but super limited to closed networks :( - https://flokk.app/#/

What is preventing this idea from happening?

Feel free to join www.privact.org