Session: Elevator pitch for skeptics - Fediverse mythbusting


Convener: Georgia Mountford-Blake

Participants who chose to record their names here:

  • @andi1984@social.saarland

  • @laurenshof@firefish.social

  • Darius Dunlap (@dariusdunlap@indieweb.social)

  • Nathalie (@nvraemdonck@hci.social)

  • DrImplausible (@drimplausible@mastodon.online)

  • Matias Concoby (@mconcoby@firefish.social)

  • Jesse Baer (@misc@mastodon.social)


Topic Reach:

  • Create a space your own

  • How to explain the federation concept? Following persons on different instances, even different services

  • Followers of different platforms might see your content differently (e.g. articles render differently on Firefish or Mastodon)

    • Good fediverse integration means also that comments from different platforms show up on the main thread as well

Federation allows you to look at posts across the fediverse through different windows (from pixelfed to blog to mastodon) but need to be honest about how looking at it through that different window loses a lot of the affordances on the original platform (post on blog will not have full text visible on mastodon).

Within the same families of platforms (eg the threadiverse (Kbin - Lemmy) or microblogging (Mastodon, Pleroma,…)) those affordances will be almost identical and federation will be seemless. Across the families it will lose a lot of architectural context. There will mostly be a big advantage in federation to see the comment section on a microblogging platform like Mastodon (eg the comments on a blog or a pixelfed post will be visible from your Mastodon account)