Session: IFTAS activity review: child safety; automated denylist subscription service; moderator safety


Convener: Jaz-Michael King, IFTAS (@jaz@mastodon.iftas.org)

Participants who chose to record their names here:

  • Andreas Sander (@andi1984@social.saarland)

  • Darius Dunlap (@dariusdunlap@indieweb.social)


Slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1aylGPd3-rARHDvGs7GOvJmVHWWQ3nz_MMtggyIV0GsE

Current activities:

  1. CSAM / CSE Resources

  2. Automated denylist subscription service

  3. Aggreagted consensus denylist “CARIAD”

  4. Personal Digital Safety “Tall Poppy” services for moderators

Possible weaponisation of media (taken hated servers offline by hosting illegal content/media and report to the police) Ways to identify CSAM:

  • Hash-and-Match Service

  • Cloudflare CSAM Filter (for US-based)

Useful links:


  • Using a relays that does the CSAM filtering and in case sends back a report to the originated instance the content was coming from.

  • A relay is just an actor on ActivityPub that receives all public posts from your instance, so it doesn’t have to forward content via Announce activities, but can just quietly consume them, and if it needs to send activities such as Flag back to the origin of the content.

  • It should be possible to adapt Mastodon to allow having a “relay” that receives a copy of every activity.