Native governance for the open web; what would organising the Fediverse look like?


Convener: Hamish

Participants (add yourself here if you want to be listed, no obligation): Name and Fediverse handle

  • N.N
  • Steve Ediger

Key points:


  • journalist
  • runs instances 3 - 4
  • SocialHub
  • grass roots of alternative culture

Boris Mann

  • Long time OSS builder, blogger, community –> eg Northern Voice blogging conference
  • Drupal and OSS licensing in the early days
  • Now building Fission https://fission.codes on top of IPFS

Chris Lozinski (@UncensoredNews@Mastodon.Social)

  • Focused on climate change news, and censorship
  • after that the issue of governance will be my top priority.

Steve Ediger

Marlene Breitenstein

  • end user
  • artist and photographer
  • web design and web management
  • medical massage therapist
  • interested in the admin side of Mastodon, ActivityPub
  • experience with community organizing


Worried about the future of the fediverse and large companies coming in.