How can companies be good stewards of the Fediverse and help it grow sustainablye (for people, projects, and the planet)


Convener: Hannah Aubry

Participants (add yourself here if you want to be listed, no obligation): Name and Fediverse handle

Key points:

  • Owncast ❤️

  • fedi will thrive with for-profit present

  • protected from take over - culture will protect but need support

  • moderation & host services - customer service, and they knew how to behave here

  • companies will have to learn bad habits - some come cautiously, some not (IFTAS)

  • Moderation group on Fedi: @moderation@venera.social

  • IFTAS overview: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/11417wmhW2xWZ7Le0Aw0NCgbGdZ_qOGnlfH6jZUmR-Us

  • Shannon Clark / @rycaut@mastodon.social says: “eternal September” (1993 I believe if memory serves)

  • we love to support the fediverse - here are the values of companies who want to participate - codify values

  • Jeff Jarvis says: Yes. No reason a company cannot start the discussion by putting out a proposed covenant for public comments

  • how to make it really easy for companies to support a lot of different companies

  • URI, paytube

  • Charles E. Lehner says: Possible values here? https://getdweb.net/principles/ https://dwebyvr.org/DWeb-Principles/

  • there’s always going to be landgrabs - can’t be stopped

  • rules of the road, helpful

  • what is the intention of companies coming to the space? $$, communion, marketing? NOT advertising

  • “you don’t come to my phone calls to sell me something”

  • “federation is a priv not a right”

  • NOT a replacement for Twitter

  • OpenID community - relying on technical specifications & community

  • obvious strategy for a company coming here is consuming data but never publishing back out

  • business certification set forth by the community

  • take a few weeks to listen before you start posting - encourage acculturation. somewhat baked in, but will it scale? there are already islands

  • instead of talking about a code of conduct - more productive to talk in terms of norms. what are the rules of engagement?

  • commercialization: don’t have much power as an end user. singer-user instance? too much friction, how do I get to power the invidial user?

  • Gabe Kangas says: I would love to see more single-user everything to allow people to control things. Right now it sounds crazy, but I do hope the centralization pendulum swings. Low cost, easier to operate, low friction self-hosted services.

  • operators now are hobbyists - this takes time and real money. there will be a natural change in the scenery. those who take it on the future will need to align to regulatory norms

  • some want to subscribe to and hear “advertisments” from things they care about. but it needs to be opt in.

  • we have a certain architecture (technical and governance architecture) that makes instance admins into “overlords”

  • movement needs to be more fluid, technically

  • governance models can incentivize or remove fiefdoms