Fediverse Trust and Safety: Supporting Moderation at Scale


Convener: @jaz@toot.wales Jaz-Michael King / IFTAS

Participants (add yourself here if you want to be listed, no obligation): Name and Fediverse handle

  • Jayne Samuel-Walker (@TCMuffin@toot.wales)
  • Laurens Hof (@laurenshof@calckey.social)

Today’s slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/11417wmhW2xWZ7Le0Aw0NCgbGdZ_qOGnlfH6jZUmR-Us - some disturbing content (slide 3)

Interactive brainstorming: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lpDYcwZUOdGmJx7nG5CIWP8YR-rvC3KB3RmmzYhelsA/:

  • Three anticipated areas of activity - add your thoughts and ideas inline or using comments:

    • Community of Practice

      • Convene, support, and grow the moderator community
      • Provide communication tools (chat, discussion, wiki) to form a body of knowledge
      • Create a sliding-scale membership approach
      • Collect and disseminate academic research, best practice
    • Moderation-as-a-service

      • Provide actionable content and resources, and UGC moderation at scale; from single event to full time moderation
      • Build sustainable pathways to compensating T&S practitioners in Fediverse
      • Convene protocol, platform and dev community to build federated T&S toolsets
    • Collective representation for:

      • Data privacy bodies
      • Insurers
      • Group memberships
  • Advisory Board / Working Groups

    • Best Practices

      • Equity/marginalised/disadvantaged/minority voices
      • Civil society/community management
      • Hate Speech/Dangerous Speech
      • Spam
      • CSEA/CSAM
      • Disinfo/misinfo
      • Terrorism/extremism/criminal activity
    • Legal/Regulatory/Compliance

    • Protocol/Platform/Federated Moderation Tools

    • Mental Health/Resilience

Key points:

  • Since nov22 people people have quickly set up new servers, but not taking moderation needs into account

  • fragmentation of codes of conduct leads to uncertainty for members. For example huge diversity approach in generative art: from blanket ban to encouraged

  • survey to show what tools mods would use if provided.

  • IFTAS is a community driven member organisation with community of practice for moderators

  • Recruit, train and pay moderators, IFTAS wants to sell mod servers to all sorts of servers

  • Can help with geographical clustering of server users (providing mod service during nighttime for example)

  • IFTAS can serve as a front-facing entity for law enforcement, mandatory reporting

  • Act as group for purchasing materials/licensing/training

  • IFTAS wants to host working groups and shephard it through, but not build software (for example) themselves.

  • IFTAS sees itself mainly as a convening body