DID/SSO Federated Authentication


Convener: Day Waterbury & Brad DeGraf

Participants (add yourself here if you want to be listed, no obligation): Name and Fediverse handle

Key points:

  • Day - Consensual says: @steve Would be great if you could share links to the CoLab cloud stuff you were mentioning.
  • Brad DeGraf (@bdegraf@mastodon.green) says: I’ve been impressed by Ryan Barrett, who would be a good starting point for exploring actually doing this with Mastodon. https://github.com/snarfed
  • Brad DeGraf (@bdegraf@mastodon.green) says: Ryan has https://brid.gy/ and might be a good ally in getting any PR / evolution widely adopted
  • Brad DeGraf (@bdegraf@mastodon.green) says: https://greencheck.world/

Thoughts on Legal/Financial Structures:

Cloud Servers:

  • https://colab.coop
  • International Tech Cooperatives: https://patio.coop
  • Check out coopcreds, who are producing verification of cooperative members.
  • Let’s loop in Gabe Congas and the Fediverse Developers Network

Side Conversation RE: Open Source Design

Next steps, if any

  • Meet with the new Fediverse Developers Network