What if we thought about Fediverse Adoption like a startup?


Convener: Johannes Ernst

Participants (add yourself here if you want to be listed, no obligation): Name and Fediverse handle

  • Shannon Clark (@rycaut@mastodon.social)
  • Johannes Ernst (@j12t@social.coop)
  • Day
  • Fra | OpenForFuture.org


  • Why do people come to the fediverse?
  • How can we attract more people?
  • What does this network do for us today?
  • What should we measure and improve?

Key points:

  • how can the experience be improved if you aren’t active/caught up with your feed
  • Lots of use cases, it’s a platform, hard to enumerate
  • think not just about nodes and connections in the fediverse, but also flows: how does data flow through the network?
  • a discoverable “payto:” link could be attached to any instance
  • what about an extension that allows to attach a price point to a post (positive or negative – paid newsletters vs “ads”)

Outside references: