Demos at FediForum


Always been interested in cool Fediverse software, but don’t have the time to try them one by one? Join us in FediForum’s speed demo track!

We expect demos of the following apps direct from their creators:

Product Shown by Description
Bridgy Fed Ryan Barrett Bridgy Fed federates traditional web sites and blogs directly into the fediverse, and back again.
Flipboard Mike McCue Connect Flipboard to the Fediverse
Mammoth: for Mastodon Shihab Mehboob A beautiful Mastodon app for the rest of us. Will show the Mammoth app’s onboarding super-simple onboarding flow and power features.
micro.blog Manton Reece Micro.blog is a fediverse blogging platform and social network. We'll demo following Mastodon users and some of the platform differences.
Owncast Gabe Kangas The open source live video server for your events. Broadcast your performances, games, communities, conferences, and more without big tech.
Planetary Rabble Peer-to-peer social network with thousands of communities.
Steampipe Jon Udell Steampipe is an open-source tool that maps APIs to Postgres tables, and visualizes queries on dashboards. We'll look at a set of dashboards based on Mastodon queries.
& Fedistar
Akira Fukushima Mastodon, Pleroma and Misskey clients for the desktop. I will introduce typical uses and customization methods for both apps, as well as other unique features.
WordPress ActivityPub plugin Matthias Pfefferle The plugin implements the ActivityPub protocol for your blog, to federate articles/notes and receive reactions from the fediverse.


List still subject to change