Who's coming?


We are expecting:

  • Developers of fediverse apps: show us a cool thing you built! All kinds of code is welcome, from server nodes to client apps and add-on services.

  • Protocol developers and implementors: How can we the fediverse protocol stack simpler and better? What about video?

  • Hosters and operators of Mastodon and other fediverse nodes: talk to other hosters and operators, and compare notes. We want to hear from you what works for you, and what doesn’t!

  • Innovators and entrepreneurs: how can we make surveillance capitalism go away and put the user back in the center?

  • Users: Share your stories how the fediverse works for you, and how it could work even better!

  • Technology companies: so you are thinking of participating in the fediverse. Great! Where do you see the opportunities and challenges?

Are you coming?